Friday, March 23, 2012

Who are you to Teach ? How to Pray ??

Who are you to Teach ? How to Pray ??

That’s the one hobby of you Calcutta people-giving lectures and bringing others to the light! Nobody ever stop to consider how to get the light himself. Who are you to teach ?
“He is the Lord of the Universe will teach everyone. He alone teaches us, who has created this universe; who has made the sun and the moon, men and beasts, and all other beings; who has provided mean for their sustenance; who has given children parents and endowed them with love to bring them up. The Lord has done so many things - will He not show people the way to worship him? If they need teaching, then He will be the teacher. He is our inner Guide.”
“Suppose there is an error in worshiping the clay image; doesn’t God know that through it. He alone is being invoked? He will be pleased with that very worship. Why should you get a headache over it? You had better try for knowledge and devotion yourself.”

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