Thursday, March 29, 2012

Power of Faith

You must have heard about the tremendous power the faith. It is said in the Purana that Rama, who was god himself - the embodiment of Absolute Brahman - had to bui;ld to cross across the sea to Ceylon. But Hanuman trusting the Rama’s name, cleared the sean in one jump and reached other side. He had no need of bridge.
“Once a man was about to cross the sea. Bhibhishana wrote Rama’s name on a leaf, tied itin a corner of the man’s wearing cloth, and said to him; ‘Don’t  be afraid. Have faith and walk on the water. But look here- the moment you lose faith you will be drowned. The man was walking easily on the water. Suddenly he had an intense desire to see what was tied in his cloth. He opened it and found only a leaf with the name of Rama written on it. ‘What is this?’ he thought ‘Just the name of Rama’ As soon as doubt entered his mind he sank under the water.
“If the man has faith in God, then even if he has committed the most henious sins -such as killling a cow, brahmin; or a woman - he will certainly be saved through his faith. Let him only say to God, ‘O Lord, I will not repeat such an action’, and he need not be afraid of anything.
If only I can pass away repeating Durga’s name,
How canst Thou then, O Blessed One,
Withhold from me deliverance,
Wretched though I may be?
I may have stolen a drink of wine, or killed a child unborn,
Or slain a woman or a cow,
Or even caused a Brahmin’s death;
But, though it all be true,
Nothing of this can make me feel the least uneasiness,
For through the power of ‘Thy sweet name’
My wretched soul my still aspire.
Even to Brahmanhood.

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