Friday, March 30, 2012

To Narendra From Master : 'Homa-Bird'

You all see this boy. He behaves that way here. A naughty boy seems very gentle when with his father. But he is quite another person when he plays in chandni. Narendra and people of his type belong to class of the ever-free. They are never entangled in the world. When they get little older they feel the awakening of inner conciousness and go directly toward God. They come to the world only to teach others. They never care for anything of the world. They are never attached to ‘Woman & Gold”.
“The Vedas speak of Homa-bird. Its live high up in the sky and there it lay its egg. As soon as the egg is laid it begins to fall, but it is so high that it continues to fall for many days. As it falls it hatches, and the chick falls. As the chick falls its eyes open; it grows wings. As soon as it eyes open, it realizes that it is falling and will be dashed to pieces on touching the earth. Then it at one shoots up toward the mother bird high in the sky.”

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